Yennicott House

Greenport, NY

3,100 sq. feet / 288 sq. meters

Yennicott House was converted from a two-unit apartment building into a single-family residence during our gut renovation of the property. When the owners purchased the house it was in extremely poor condition. The entire interior was demolished down to the framing, with all existing walls & rooms removed. Similarly, the exterior was stripped back to the framing. A majority of the windows & doors were re-positioned or added, new verandas & outdoor spaces added and new interior rooms laid out. The resulting home features 4 bedrooms, 3 of them with en-suite bathrooms, a full complement of public rooms including Living Room, Dining Room, Media Room & Library and entirely new heating & cooling systems. We also took responsibility for all of the Landscaping & hardscaping for the project, which produced a generous patio for entertaining and a lush, intimate garden.