Raevo Golf Club

Moscow, RU

48,500 sq. feet / 4,506 sq. meters

The Raevo Golf Club House is designed to serve as both the Club House for the Jack Nicolas designed golf course that surrounds it and as the social club, and social hub for the community of custom-built homes that will follow in the years ahead. Inside the First Floor, the club accommodates several public areas such as a Grand Entry Hall, Bar, with terrace seating overlooking the lake, a large Dining Room with adjacent Wine Cellar, Private Dining Room, Lounge & Billiards Room. Two Terrace Balconies flank the main level and give views out to the gold course & forests beyond. A large Loggia at the center of the building serves as additional open terrace during the warm months and can be closed off with large, French doors in the cooler weather. At the Ground Floor level are most of the private function areas. The large Men’s & Women’s locker rooms, the Founding members lounges, Spas, Showers, Pools & Hamams are found here as is the Pro Shop and many of the service functions for the Club House. While the building is of a considerable size, the massing was broken down and the building was nestled into the landscape to mitigate this. The Limestone cladding & slate roofing was used to give the building the sense of having always been there. A timelessness. While at the same time, remaining a neutral foil to the beauty of the Golf Course and surrounding landscape and to the future homes that would one day be built nearby