Greenport, NY

Completed: 2015 – 3000 sq. ft.

Yennicott House was completed in late 2015. The building had formerly been a 2 unit, low income apartment house and was in extremely poor repair at the commencement of the project. Clad in fading aluminum siding, with mismatched windows & doors and no real personality to recommend itself, the house seemed to have little potential. However, we reimagined the property as a grand, single family home. Both the interior and exterior were gutted. Windows & doors were removed, replaced & repositioned. New stairs were built, rooms reimagined and realigned & a fireplace was added. The existing lean-to structures at the back of the house were removed to reveal opportunities for a gracious porch & patio. The final result fuses the formality of a grand family residence with the casualness & comfort of the seaside town where it lives.